Privacy, Cancellation & Terms

Privacy Policy

At Nova Skin, we take the privacy of our patients very seriously. We understand that your personal information is sensitive and we are committed to protecting it. We have implemented strict security measures to safeguard your information and prevent unauthorized access.

The personal information we collect includes your name, contact information, medical history, and any other information necessary for your treatment. This information is used solely for the purpose of providing you with the best possible medical spa services.

We will not share or sell your personal information to any third party without your express consent. We will only share your information as necessary to provide you with the services you have requested or as required by law.


Terms of Service

By using our Nova Skin medical spa services, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

You understand that the services we provide are for cosmetic purposes only and are not a substitute for professional medical care.
You will provide accurate and complete information about your medical history and current health condition.
You will follow all post-treatment instructions provided by our staff.
You understand that results may vary and we cannot guarantee specific results.
You will pay for all services in a timely manner.
You release our medical spa and staff from any liability arising from your use of our services.
We reserve the right to refuse service to any patient who does not comply with these terms and conditions.


Cancellation Policy

At Nova Skin, we understand that plans can change and unforeseen circumstances may arise. However, as a courtesy to our our clients, we ask that you provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Appointments canceled or rescheduled with less than 24 hours will incur a $100 cancellation fee.

We also ask that if you are running late, please let us know so that we can make the necessary adjustments to your appointment schedule.

Please note that for certain procedures, a deposit may be required at the time of booking. Deposits are non-refundable but may be applied to a future appointment.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Refund Policy

We believe in fostering open communication with each client to ensure we understand their treatment objectives and provide a thorough assessment of the potential outcomes, benefits, and risks associated with each procedure. We offer both individual treatments and discounted treatment packages, allowing our clients to choose the option that best aligns with their needs and budget.

Once services are purchased, refunds are not provided. However, in our commitment to delivering an exceptional experience at Nova Skin Med Spa, we offer the flexibility to apply unused service values (equivalent to the remaining amount of a treatment package) towards any other service available at our spa.

Regarding Skin Care Products, all sales are considered final.

Please note that all sales of injectable treatments, such as Botox, dermal fillers, laser treatments, facials, lash services, or chemical peels, are non-refundable once the treatment is completed. We are unable to provide refunds or credits for these services.

Transparency is of utmost importance to us. Aesthetics is a complex field, and individual responses to treatments can vary significantly. Predicting precise results is challenging, which is why payments made for our services are intended for the treatments themselves rather than a guaranteed outcome. However, we always strive to achieve the best possible results for each client.

We sincerely appreciate the trust you have placed in us by choosing Nova Skin Med Spa. Thank you for allowing us to serve you!

Please be aware that scheduling your appointment indicates your acceptance of these policies.

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