Acne Laser

Laser for Acne

There are several types of acne. Depending on the type and severity the treatments will also vary. It is important to understand what your skin is going through to effectively treat it. Schedule a consultation to see what may be right for you.

Types of Acne:

Papules and Pustules:
Red inflamed solid bumps on the skin; can develop into pustules with a white or yellow pus-filled tip. The most common type.

Fungal acne:
Small itchy bumps due to the overproduction of yeast in the hair follicles.

Nodules and Cysts:
These are a severe type of acne that present as large lumps underneath the surface of the skin. Nodules are harder and much more painful. Cystic acne lumps tend to be a bit softer to the touch as they are pus-filled. They can become painful and tender if infection arrises. The causes vary from hormonal changes and stress to bacteria and oily skin.

Acne Scars
Even after acne has healed, it may leave scars. Acne scars come in various shapes and sizes, each with different treatment methods. Indentation, often known as pitting, is a skin blemish that appears as dents.
Raised scars, which create a rough look, are another form. In addition, some individuals notice discoloration, redness, or pigmentation due to an acne flare-up. Our experts can analyze your skin to treat all three types of acne scarring safely and efficiently.

Laser Genesis

  • The latest in 1064 nm laser technology works to kill the acne p. bacteria, reduce inflammation and redness. While gently heating the skin, it simultaneously treats redness, fades scars and wrinkles, and absorbs excess sebum.  Laser genesis is non-invasive treatment is not painful. Optimal results can be achieved in 3-6 treatments.